Laser Hair Removal – Reduce Unwanted Hair in a Quick, Painless Treatment

Laser hair removal offers a safe and noninvasive solution to unwanted hair growth without harming surrounding tissues – with long-term effects.

Laser devices use light beams to target hair follicles and absorb any pigment found therein, disabling and stopping further growth of new follicles. The laser device then destroys or impairs their future development.

As opposed to waxing or shaving, laser therapy treatment is relatively tolerable and numbing cream can further lessen any discomfort experienced during therapy.

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Laser hair removal in San Ramon is safe for all skin types. A light beam passes through your skin to be absorbed by melanin pigment in hair follicles; this converts into heat that damages them and stops further hair production.

Process is minimally invasive and does not require downtime for recovery. You can return to daily activities immediately following treatment; however, skin may feel red and tender for up to 24 hours post treatment as is typical with sunburns.

No matter the body area – back, shoulders, legs or underarms – laser hair removal works! And unlike shaving or waxing, it’s pain-free – our clients describe it as the sensation of flicking a rubber band against their skin.

Our laser is equipped with two technologies that make it especially gentle: our diode laser handpiece utilizes either 805nm or 1060nm wavelengths to target coarse hairs in smaller areas precisely; in addition, a built-in Sapphire cooling system temporarily numbs and compresses skin so each pulse of light can effectively reach hair follicles for absorption.

LightSheer Diode laser treatments offered at The Laser Boutique are safe, fast and efficient for all skin types. This state-of-the-art device treats multiple hair follicles at once while simultaneously diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation – an effective alternative to harsher more invasive cosmetic procedures such as electrolysis and chemical peels.


Laser hair removal is a safe and effective solution for unwanted body hair. Light energy delivered through a handheld device targets deeper layers of the skin where hair follicles reside; melanin absorbs light energy to heat itself up, stopping hair follicles from producing new hair growth.

The Laser Boutique promises its clients fast, safe and effective hair removal treatments in a relaxing atmosphere. To do so it utilizes the LightSheer Diode Laser which offers gentle yet safe ways to get rid of unwanted hair. The system integrates two technologies that make it suitable for treating all skin tones or types – High-Speed Vacuum Assisted Technology allows large areas to be treated without gel or prepping while simultaneously stretching skin for reduced discomfort while Sapphire cooling system momentarily numbs before laser beam is delivered.

Laser hair removal can be an effective and safe treatment option; however, multiple sessions are often required to achieve desired results. Some individuals also experience slight hair regrowth after treatment which can be mildly uncomfortable but is only temporary; nevertheless this effect should not discourage permanent hair removal efforts.

Laser hair removal is an excellent alternative to shaving or waxing for hair removal in hard-to-reach areas of the face or body. It is particularly successful at targeting people with darker hair because melanin absorbs laser light more readily; however, results may also be achieved with lighter locks.


Unwanted hair can be a difficult challenge to address. Razoring or waxing alone are uncomfortable solutions with short-term benefits; laser hair removal offers an effective alternative that safely eliminates unwanted hair without damaging skin – the treatments offer significant reduction in hair growth with only a few sessions needed!

At our clinic, we use only the safest and most advanced laser available that heats hair follicle pigment without harming surrounding skin, thus avoiding side effects like redness, swelling or irritation. Your treatment begins with cleansing the area being treated; some patients may use numbing cream for added comfort – then our laser device will move across it, creating pulses of warmth similar to when rubber bands snap against skin or pinprick it – many patients compare this experience with that of being snapped like rubber bands against skin or experiencing pinpricking sensations from rubber band snapping against skin – similar sensation.

Cynosure Lutronic Clarity II is a cutting-edge laser system, employing dual wavelengths (Alexandrite and Nd:Yag) to safely and effectively remove all types of dark pigmented hair. This treatment method has proven significantly more safe and efficacious than single wavelength systems used by other providers, as it targets all forms of dark hair without harming surrounding tissue. My clinic utilizes Cynosure CoolGlide technology as well for instant elimination of facial veins, portwine stain, or poikiloderma.

Requires Multiple Treatments

Laser hair removal can effectively and safely eliminate unwanted body and facial hair in most men and women with sensitive skin, including people who wish to get rid of their unwanted stubble.

Laser hair reduction is a noninvasive procedure that targets pigment in your hair with beams of light energy, which are then absorbed by melanin to heat up and damage its follicle and prevent further hair growth in future. The process is quick and painless with no downtime required – multiple treatments may be needed for maximum effectiveness, however.

Before initiating treatment, your technician will first cleanse and numb the area as necessary. Next, they use an electrical pulsed device over the treatment area; any discomfort experienced will feel similar to warm pinpricks or rubber band snapping against your skin. Some patients also benefit from topical anesthetic or applying an ice pack briefly for added relief.

Before scheduling a laser session, it’s best to refrain from direct sun exposure or tanning for six weeks, as your skin’s tone plays an integral part in how well it absorbs laser’s energy. Furthermore, avoid plucking and waxing in the area prior to your appointment and must shave the area beforehand.

No matter if it’s on your back, shoulders or armpits, our state-of-the-art Cynosure Apogee Elite laser can help get rid of that stubborn patch of hair without shaving or waxing – without hassle! Book an initial consultation to determine whether this method of laser hair removal would be the ideal way to go for you.