The iGaming market in the Netherlands is expanding.

Over 40 companies have expressed interest in developing a new industry in the Dutch online gambling market in recent weeks. While this is great news for those who have longed for regulation within the country and gives it credibility on an international scale, some are concerned that there isn’t enough room left at current rates of expansion given what appears to be an infinite number of potential opportunities waiting only outside Holland (with UK among other places).
Last year, cabinet member Wim de Bruine’s Draft Gambling Bill faced multiple hurdles before passing through Parliament; would these delays imperil its chances again?

The country is one of the last in Europe to receive an online gambling licence, trailing only Sweden and Germany, but it has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Chairman Rene Jansen believes that this will change soon, thanks in large part to his confidence instilled by recent news about how successful they’ve been licencing other nations’ Lottery Games.

The new legislation will bring the gambling sector up to international standards and allow for more effective regulation. The expected increase in profit of €800 million across all current companies operating within Dutch borders, such as Holland Casino, TOTO, or Fair Play casino, indicates that they have finally discovered a means to make their operations more successful than ever before!
A regulated market provides better security against scammers who may attempt to take advantage through cybercrime, however here at Gambling Regulation Ireland, we understand how vital openness is while trying your hand on .

In reaction to the popularity of UK-based casinos, Holland Casino is developing a live casino studio that will allow them to offer blackjack and roulette. According to analysts, 40 gambling companies have applied for licences so far, with at least some from Belgium listed as viable territories, while Bet365, which already has a significant presence throughout Europe, may submit an application instead if they do not acquire one elsewhere first.

In recent months, the legalisation of online poker has been a heated topic. The four leading international companies, Pokerstars, Unibet, and Bwin, have all operated illegally until now because they were penalised for doing so, but that’s about to change on April 1st, 2020, when the new law goes into effect; these brands will not be able to compete over other sites, which could give way too many opportunities for local competitors such as 888Poker or Betfair to play their cards.

The previous gambling regulations in the Netherlands have been revised with harsher rules. Gamers must renew their registration in compliance with the new regulations, which includes an identification process and verification of funds source that complies with anti-money laundering measures such as responsible gaming rules.

How big can the Dutch market get?

It is apparent that there is a need for online gambling in the country, especially when all of these companies have stated that they will apply. It might happen again with Bet365; no doubt other companies under Entain, like as Coral or Ladbrokes, will not want to miss out on what could wind up being a sizable portion as well!

What is evident is that the country plainly believes there is a high demand from players, with the government identifying an excellent way to add to its coffers in the form of taxation on gambling enterprises that successfully secure licences in the country. With the UK market also significantly tightening restrictions, more corporations may withdraw, and the Dutch market may be one where they can easily replace clients lost due to poor competition.
We know for a fact that this year has been extremely difficult financially as well, owing primarily (if not totally) to the fact that offshore services such as Skiptracing have appeared all over social media asking us if

eCOGRA certification for casinos

eCOGRA is a non-profit organisation that oversees internet gaming. Because they are known for their unrivalled services and innovative thinking in the business, their mark of approval can help you feel secure about your chosen casino.

About the Company

Microgaming, the most inventive software provider for online casinos, launched eCOGRA in 2003. When an organisation that manufactures gambling products also has a voice in how those same games are approved or disapproved for usage across borders, it does not inspire trust. Fortunately, after buying over its parent firm, eCOGRA became entirely independent, allowing them to maintain neutrality and integrity with its seal!

eCOGRA is a well-established and internationally known online casino regulatory agency. They have developed an extensive list of criteria that ensures the safety, trustworthiness, and dependability in all aspects of these businesses to ensure player protection through strict standards on everything from software development kit testing procedures to casino operations management policies and practises, which are regularly audited at both national and local levels as needed by members worldwide.
The eCogra organisation has been in operation since 1998, having headquarters in London, while they also AUDIT member sites located all around the world.

Concerning Their Service Providers

The ultimate purpose of eCOGRA is for online gaming to be safe, fair, and enjoyable. They are dedicated to protecting players from fraudulent activities while also committing themselves not only as an approved testing agency but also as a self-regulating body by maintaining oversight over the operations of other companies that may affect their customers, such as software providers or service providers such as gambling sites where you can play your favourite games like slots and blackjack.

They also ensure compliance in many jurisdictions by doing information security reviews and analysing the acceptability of software against associated safety regulations. These assessments are qualified to be performed for gaming operators, providers who produce highly sensitive data such as gambling machines or online games with regulated payout levels based on player risk profiles ranging from casual gamblers to high-rollers hoping to win big playing blackjack at your favourite poker room near me!

The Self-Regulation Services is a non-profit corporation that certifies online casinos. They have the highly coveted Safe and Fair Seal, as well as supplementary seals such as Certified Software, which are only issued if the companies meet all conditions outlined in widely recognised practise (GAP). Among other things, the SRS provides affiliate trust checks, security testing services (on-site or through third-party suppliers), and random number generator / real-time gaming equipment audits.

eCOGRA is a global association that establishes industry standards for online gambling. When a casino has been certified by e-cogra, you only need to ask three questions: whether the games available meet your interests as a player; whether payment choices work best with what you want out of life; and how much money can be saved on gambling costs. Finally, do incentives such as welcome bonuses and comp points satisfy people’s tastes regardless of where they lie on this spectrum?

Some of Their Notable Clients

eCOGRA is a global online gaming standards organisation that has certified thousands of casinos in both licenced and uncontrolled regions. The operators on their list range from the smallest to those with international reach, all of which provide you with access to high-quality Pokies or Video Poker games if that is your preference! They also have sportsbooks for those who want to gamble on live events, as well as craps tables, so there’s something for everyone at any given time.
Before giving certification, the eCOGRAs approval procedure comprises extensive checks by specialists not once, but twice, to ensure that only trustworthy firms use it

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32Red Casino

32Red is on a mission to bring the excitement of casino games into the comfort of your own home. Anthony Watson-Hughes, 32 Red Group CEO, launched his company in 2002 and has since built it into one of Europe’s largest virtual casinos, with over 400 people spread over 12 offices globally (including London). Customers may enjoy over 2,000 different slot machines as well as table poker beginning about 10 p.m. – all without leaving their living room!

Only one casino offers the excitement and confidence that comes with an extraordinary level of player control. Play 32Red Casino now!

Usability and Design

The best place to play is on the Australian online casino website. With a streamlined and hassle-free experience that allows gamblers from all around Australia, they’ve got you covered with PayPal, Neteller (the most trusted means ever! ), and other web wallets such as AlertPay or Skrill, amongst others – not to mention their NO WITHDRAWAL LIMIT!

No matter how much you win, it’s a big relief to know that there are no withdrawal limitations. The only thing better than this is 32Red’s simple options for withdrawing funds from your account, so even after all these years as a faithful customer, I can say they never disappoint!

Selection of Games

32Red has over 500 games, all of which are powered by industry leader Microgaming. From table and card games to hundreds of thousands of Pokies with immersive extra features or gigantic Progressive Jackpots in an award-winning Live Casino area, you can play them all from your mobile device!

As beautiful and addictive as they claim, this gaming company allows you to test out their games for free before joining. They offer a free trial period during which anyone can play any of these online card or board game layouts for FREE- so if something appeals to you, now is a great time to register! What better way to do so than with British actress Patsy Kensit providing voiceovers? This is a bonus I wasn’t expecting but found myself admiring regardless (and titillating).

Reliable and safe

Online casinos that provide a support team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there is never a wait period to get your queries answered. So, the next time you’re considering joining a new online casino or even switching from traditional gambling institutions, give these guys a try! They provide 128-bit encryption technology, which makes it much safer for gamers who enjoy playing on their site, as well as UKG licences (which are stringent) and a Gibraltar licence, which deems them to be trustworthy. Thank you so much to Safeplay certified business partners for managing compliance standards in Europe’s most regulated sector.

Online Casinos have an active customer care crew that is always ready to aid anyone in need, no matter what time of day it is; we all know how

Aside from that, the two most essential indicators of their safety and security are eCOGRA accreditation for fairness and being powered by Microgaming—the first firm in the world to take extra steps when partnering up with operators. They also have a regular validated random number generator to ensure that everything functions smoothly all of the time!


The $10 no-deposit bonus is a lovely touch, but their Welcome Bonuses are wonderful for after you’ve exhausted your money. With every $20 deposit, you’ll receive up to 32 free spins on any slot machine! They also feature an intriguing Dish Of The Day Bonus scheme, in which players can win races based on the promotion that is active at the time – always yummy things here 😉

The VIP programme at Betfair is a great method to earn comp points and cash prizes without putting your own money at risk. All you have to do to be eligible for this fantastic promotion/reward scheme, which provides incredible rewards like free entry fees or one stake on every wager made by other players!
With betting becoming more popular than ever before, owing to online casinos like Party Poker that allow users to utilise real-life currency instead of just chips – it pays off big time if someone wants an edge over others because they can play with real-life currency instead of just chips.


Red32 offers a wide range of games, and it’s clear to understand why they’re regarded as one of the best in Australia. The Poker component is extremely spectacular, with live poker tables catering only to Australians from all over the world! Their incentives will have you going back month after month, but there is no withdrawal restriction, so play sensibly to avoid missing out on these deals.
What is it about Red 32 that we can’t get enough of? This company isn’t just concerned with how many coins customers put into its slot machines; it also offers options such as Bingo cards, which offer exciting opportunities at great prizes if luck does indeed strike favourably when gaming with friends or family members who may come across this particular game mode during downtime moments throughout the day.

32Red is a reputable online casino that has been in business since 2001. It’s no surprise that players enjoy playing at this site, given its dependable and trustworthy name!